Bright & Fair Skin Polisher 150 ml


– Removes dirt, dead skin & scars
– Reduces oil secretion & pigmentation
– Brightens skin, reduces discoloration
– Improves skin texture
– Maintain PH-Balance
– Helps skin retain moisture

Additional information


Removes dirt, dead skin, scars and blemishes. Reduces oil secretion and pig-mention. Brightens skin, reduces discoloration and improves Skin texture. Normalizes the PH balance of the skin. Helps skin retain moisture and improves blood circulation. Removes black heads and white heads without damaging the skin. Gives skin a smooth, soft and radiant look. Vitamin – E diet keeps skin alive and glowing.

How To Use

Apply to wet skin with gentle massage strokes for 3-4 minutes. Rinse off with luke warm water and pat dry. Use skin Polisher twice a week.


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